Pretty Pretty Colors

I LOVE color. My world would be empty without it. I always have a hard time when people ask me what my favorite color is. Sometimes it's eggplant, sometimes it's cyan, sometimes it's gray. Most of the time I answer that question with some combination like Eggplant, Cyan and Gray or  Black, White and Yellow or some other completely different combination all to get out of having to choose just one. Anyway, a colleague sent me this fun but definitely challenging color quiz

I scored 12 out of 15.



Washi Tape Dilemma

I have a craft supply problem. Everyone knows.

I particularly have a hard time resisting any type of clear packaging that features a rainbow of colors. So when I went to the Cooper Hewitt Design Museum this past November, and saw this thirty something dollar box of Japanese washi tape in the gift shop clearly I needed to have it. Fortunately I had my birthday as an excuse to buy it. Now the problem is of course, what to do with it. And also, how to resist all of these other really cute styles that I could combine the solid colors with.

Stay tuned. I'm about to get crafting.

Where exactly is Alasdair Gillis?

So pretty much everyone knows that Kirk Cameron has committed himself to Christ, right? Cause I definitely knew. Same way I know that Buddy from Charles in Charge became Bibleman. But what I did not know was this. That's all I'm saying.


Know what's fun?

Finding out who you are by picking pretty colors.

Paper Source just updated their colorscopes to reflect the latest additions to their solid color paper collection. Download their PDF and pick your two favorite colors, then see what they say about you. My picks were Beet and Night.

Also...if you print it, it will apparently come in handy at your next party.


So I have a blog now...

Yeah. That's right. Bookmark, favorite, add to Reader...do what you gotta do.

Today's topic is snow. I'm totally over it. The End.